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The 10 Most Unheard of Staple Items in My Medicine Cabinet

I opened up my medicine cabinet this morning because my oldest child woke up with a sore throat, and it dawned on me...

I bet my medicine cabinet looks a lot different than most Americans typical medicine cabinet. With Covid-19 news everywhere right now, it seems like everyone is suddenly concerned with immune system support and how to stay healthy during what some are calling an epidemic. (Please note: I am NOT calling it that!) Everyone knows about washing their hands, covering their coughs, and Vitamin C.

But, I have been seeing a lot of questions on social media about what to "stock up on", so I felt like now is a good time to write about what I keep on hand for my family.

1. Honey - I'm talking about raw, delicious, golden, high quality locally made honey. It has a millions uses, but most commonly for my children we use it for night time coughs or sore throats. It tastes good, it has a tranquilizing effect, and it soothes sore throats and coughs. It's the bee's knees! ;)

2. Cannabis Tinctures- this is no secret anymore. Even mainstream media and your local gas station is selling CBD products these days (I don't suggest buying it there!). Everyone is getting clued in on the many healing properties of the cannabis plant and it's two most popular properties THC & CBD. We use THC tincture for pain like headaches, or muscle strains. We use CBD for it's antiviral, anti-anxiety, and it's been a cure for my insomnia. Look for local grown small batch farms if available, high quality, (not cheap) organic strains and manufacturers who offer full transparency and lab testing on their products.

3. Probiotics - Gut health is everything. The microbiome in our stomachs practically rule our body & mind. We like the Dr. Formulated chew-able tablets for the kids, and I use the refrigerated capsules for myself. Probiotics help keep the micro-flora healthy, which is a first line of defense in killing the harmful bacteria.

4. Colloidal Silver Spray - This one is more controversial. I don't recommend this for long term use. But, for the onset of symptoms in acute infections, I feel it helps. The spray or the drops are mostly tasteless and can easily be hid in a glass of water or anything for kids.

5. Essential Oils - Where the oily mama's at? Some of you might have felt they were just a fad. Or you might think that people who start using oils act like oils replace everything else! Well, that's not true but I feel ya because in the MLM environment, it definitely started to look that way. Just know that oils can be a gentle support for many things but they are highly concentrated plant chemicals and shouldn't be played with unless you are following directions from a certified aromatherapist or reputable author. Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, and Orange are all must have's for us. I switched from the overpriced MLM brands to a very respectable brand called Aromatics International which is owned by one of the world's leading aromatherapy schools. I highly recommend their oils, the prices are great and they are the exact same oils you get from Ameo, Doterra, or YL. :)

6. N A C - N Acetyl L Cysteine - weird name...but amazing little secret weapon for people like me who have the MTHFR gene mutation which makes us slow detoxers. NAC is a precursor to creating glutathione- a powerful antioxidant. I don't want to bore you with details but if you have been exposed to a polluted environment, or have had lots of vaccines or medical procedures, NAC could be helpful.

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7. Homeopathy - Oh where do I begin? I have only scratched the surface of what homeopathy can do. Many people have the false belief that because something is natural, it is "weaker" or less effective than a pharmaceutical drug. It is true that homeopathy is more gentle on the body, but not weaker in it's ability to reduce unwanted symptoms. Every homeopathic solution I have tried, has worked. But, it's really best to use the remedies prescribed by a homeopathic doctor, due to the complexity of healing the whole body. I keep several Boiron formulas on hand for myself like Cold Calm, and Hyland's teething tablets for the baby. Use my code MAN8125 on for 5% off!

8. Elderberry Syrup - Thanks to the internet, word has spread about this wonderful little plant medicine. In a recent study, researchers found elderberry syrup to be more effective than flu medication for reducing flu symptoms and feeling better faster. Personally, I came down hard with the flu for 24 hours last month, and I took elderberry 3 times the first day, the second day, I was feeling much better, no more body aches, no more fever, took elderberry & NAC twice. By day 3 I was feeling much better just had a lingering runny nose and cough, but all my pain and "flu" was gone. I gave it to the kids as well as a preventative and no one else in my house got the flu. So, even though it's anecdotal evidence, I'm sticking by my belief in elderberry syrup as the a staple that we must keep on hand.

9. Stinging Nettles - I make nutritious herbal infusions with stinging nettles. They are packed full of so many vital vitamins and minerals, and super inexpensive to make. I started this a couple years ago when I could no longer afford my moringa olifeira habit. This has proven to be a great substitute except that it doesn't taste as good. The flavor is like a strong green tea. For the kids, it's easily hidden in a smoothie. I buy a whole pound of dried leaves online from Frontier Herbs for around $14, that will last a couple months.

10. Pineapple Juice- Okay so it's not in my medicine cabinet, it's in the fridge. But- I am including it here because if you do not like pineapple (that's blasphemy!) like my 10 year old daughter... you can get the active compounds that make pineapple excellent anti-inflammatory called Bromelain & Quercetin in a supplement form.

What's in the front of your medicine cabinet? What are your go-to items for self treating illnesses in your family? I know there are so many helpful things out there and this is just a short list. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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