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How To Write A Better About Me Page

Ugh. The dreaded About Me page... is usually the biggest obstacle for humble, caring service providers. How do you write an entire page bragging about yourself?

I'll let you in on a little secret- you don't!

In fact, writing your small business About Me page only about you will bore customers pretty quickly and just lead to faster bounce rates. According to SEO experts, every page on your website should contain more customer-

focused language than "we" language. Google favors customer-focused content, so it's really important if you want to improve your site ranking (SEO) on search results.

So, what should you write your About page about? Well, it turns out that most customers who look at the About page are curious to see what about you connects with them. They are seeking more reasons to choose and hire you, looking for something that relates to them and makes them feel like your business is the right choice for them.

In order to do that you want to cater your About Us section to your ideal client. Identifying who you want to talk to is key in knowing how to write in a way that connects with them.

Once you've got your audience in mind y

ou can begin crafting the perfect About Me page that will answer their questions about you and why you are the right service provider for them.

To write effective copy make sure you answer these 7 burning questions:

  1. Can you help people with problems like mine?

  2. Why did you become a _________ provider?

  3. What makes you special/ better/unique?

  4. What do you love about your work?

  5. What do you bring to your clients that others miss the mark on?

  6. How does your primary service benefit me?

  7. What will my end results be with you?

Your answers to these questions should reflect an alignment with your ideal customer's needs. They don't necessarily want a long-winded backstory about your journey to start this business or a fancy and cliche mission statement. They want to see that you're a real person and that you're someone they can

feel good about investing their money in.

If you need help writing the perfect copy that connects to the heart of your ideal clients please reach out to me at . I'd love to help you nail it.

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