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Connect to the heart of your readers with an affordable, subscriber catching website. 


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Your website should reflect your brand, even if you write in multiple genres. I'll create a seamless design with landing pages for each of your series that funnel the right people to the right books.

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Are You Self Publishing and Need a Website?

Modern authors need a website in 2021. How will people find out about your new releases? What will they find if they look up your pen name? You achieved something only 10% of people ever will, you wrote a book! That's a huge accomplishment and your work deserves it's rightful place online. 


Get More Readers

The best marketing tool in 2020 was email lists! Did you know, 75 Million email users purchase through email promotions? You don't want to be missing this huge piece of the indie book marketing puzzle. I make it simple for you to grow your list and stay connected so they are always up to date on your new releases.

Share Your Work

Your website is important because it is YOUR place on the web. Relying on third parties like the 'zon and FB is risky because they can ban you, mess up, censor you, shut down, etc. Your own page is yours and is a reliable place to showcase your work. I'll create a user friendly, SEO optimized responsive website for you to proudly display your books and sell them.

C F Edwards

As a new author, I was in desperate need of a professional website and I needed a quick turn around time of three weeks.
Jessica not only got the site done she did it before time and at a fraction of the cost I was expecting. 
I’d recommend her to anyone who needs an easy,  functional and beautiful website. My site is beautiful and easy to navigate and it would not be possible if I had not found her. I highly recommend her service. She’s professional reliable, honest and kind.

Chris E. 

Shy Portrait

I had a small budget and thought a professional website was out of the question, but Jess worked within my budget by creating a one page website that directs people to sign up for my reader list. I now have my URL in the back of all of my books and have seen a huge increase in subscribers & sales! I highly recommend her!

Autumn P.

Marjorie K.

I have 15 books published but never had a website. I realized that it's time to increase my marketing so I attempted to design my own website but, it was a complete mess. Jessica smoothed everything out and gave me a functional, beautiful website that displays all of my books with links to purchase them. I am very happy with the work she's done.

Valerie S.

Image by Kelly Fournier

I'm an educated woman, but I was clueless on how to build a email list. When I was having a lull in sales, other authors kept talking about lead magnets, getting subscribers, and giving free excerpts, but I didn't know where to begin. I am so grateful I found Jessica and she set it all up for me in just a couple of weeks. She is very professional to work with too. Thank you!

Kelly F. 

Working from Home

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